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We are nestled in the San Diego countryside in the town of Ramona.  In addition to receiving animals from the San Diego area, we have also obtained pigs from Riverside county, as far north as Bakersfield, and as far east as Yuma, AZ.  We have collaborated during pig rescues with other non-profit organizations such as EAR (Emergency Animal Rescue), the Sandon Shangri-La, and the San Diego Humane Society/Animal Control.

Helping animals of all kinds is our passion and they truly feel like part of the family.  The daily duties and requirements of caring for all the animals is performed by myself and my wife.  We have 2 volunteers who also help periodically.  We have plans to begin construction on new pig enclosures so we can comfortably accommodate the newest animals.


Upon arrival to our sanctuary, all the animals are assessed for medical wellness and any required veterinary care is provided.  All of the animals have been spayed or neutered.  Some of the pigs at our sanctuary have ongoing medical conditions which require special medications and treatment; such as, arthritis, bladder stones requiring urine acidification, extreme allergies, and blindness.


We rescued and now have at our sanctuary many animals that were rescued from the Oct ’07 Witch Creek Fires.  These animals had no where else to go.  We are the only animal sanctuary caring for such large numbers of animals, which include the pot-bellied pig, in San Diego County.


Grazin Pig Acres, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which functions as an animal rescue and sanctuary.  We are dedicated to providing a permanent home in a nurturing, safe environment for abused, neglected, abandoned, or unwanted animals, especially pot-bellied pigs.  Although we have a variety of animals at the sanctuary including dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, sheep, horses, and donkeys, we specialize in the physical rescue and care of the pot-bellied pig.



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